Run pages on HTTPS with other than standard port 443

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Hi all, i need some help with transfer project to other server. On my server, i use classic HTTP with 80 port, but its only for development. For now, i prepare new server on customer site, with routing ports from firewall/router. My problem is to migrate project to new server with HTTPS and with other than 443 port. Maybe, there was two problems not one.

First – i cannot put into operation HTTPS connection. When i change Routing in app\bootstrap.php to
$route = new Route(‘admin/<presenter>/<action>’, ‘Studenti:show’, Route::SECURED);
nothing changes and site operate on HTTP 80. When i set URL https://server/www/ in address bar, pages jump to http://server/www/ without any other click.

Second – it's possible to change HTTPS port for Nette ? I see some topics on forum, but no solution. For HTTP, i can use URL http://server:specport/www/ and its working well. Is this usefull for HTTPS too ?

I use Nette 2.1.2 on PHP 5.5.11 (operated on NAS Synology DSM 5).
Project must run only on port like 25800, not 80, 443, etc…

Thanks a lot for link to right topic or help.

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Have you property uploaded the router to your hosting? Is it your only route? you're talking about /www but here is /admin in that route. The flag applies only to one concrete route.