BlockMacros::macroBlock should be refactored

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BlockMacros::macroBlock is responsible for snippets.

Although Latte was split to own package this makes it still dependent on Nette.

Probably new rule should be: “If macro<Name> is doing more then just one name it should be refactored.”

Block and define are OK I guess, but still it is configuration by name. In this case define is equal to option do not run immediately set to true.

But snippet is something completely different masking as a block.

Could someone refactor it? I don't feel up to the task but will do it if nobody else cares.

There should be configurable interface for enabling different block functionality and 4 implementations: block, define, snippet and snippetArea where block could be the base implementation. Snippet and area should be configured in nette/application.

BlockMacros::finalize will be tough nut to crack since it is dependent on application too.
BlockMacros::macroExtends should be easier (presenter dependency).

EDIT: I realised this after trying to refactor getSnippetId to UIMacros.

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