Bower: nette-forms and nette.ajax.js bower names and versions (my another rant)

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While working on simple system to unite and fundamentally simplify including scripts I realised that the naming, consistency and overall implementations of bower.json in those two libraries suck.

  • Please consolidate to simple name either nette.forms or nette-forms and set one as standard.
  • Use main to define of all scripts that can be included. Primary should go first.
  • Use ignore to remove everything unrelated to package.
  • Keep sane versioning and keep versions always alive.
  • Use clear path name not src/assets either they are assets or source. If they are source you should build it into an asset.
  • At least test install to prove it actually works.
  • Remove .js from package name it is dumb like creating composer package called nette/ajax-php.

What I am working on will allow you to include scripts by adding them to bower dependencies in project and then referencing them in template (and also elsewhere). But {script nette-forms} next to {script nette.ajax.js} or {script history.nette.ajax.js} just looks silly. Last but not least writing {script nette.ajax.js/confirm.ajax.js} is just odd.

EDIT: Looks like more bower packages use dash then dot.

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