Neon parsing seems wrong on production server

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6 years ago

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I was just about deploy new version of a website after upgrade from Nette 2.0 to 2.1.2 (using composer) and I encouraged very strange problem:

  • When I run it for the first time I got Neon parsing exception: Unexpected ‘,’, when I look at the place there was key: “Some, very, long, sentence”. I tried to continue by temporary removing it then same occured with ‘=’…
  • After that I got error even more stranger: Class X\\Y\\Z used in service could not be found (it is present and robot loader shown exact the same string in indexed resources).

Maybe it is related with the composer problem I experienced when updating:

./composer.json is invalid, the following errors/warnings were found:
"./composer.json" does not contain valid JSON
Parse error on line 1:
{	"name": "jandrabe
Expected one of: 'STRING', '}'

However this composer.json seems to be valid on my local machine.

The webserver is PHP 5.3.3 on RHEL based distro (Requirements checkers is all green with except of memcache).
Any ideas?

UPDATE: Solved, I just remembered that something like “magic quotes” have existed which solved both of the problems.

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