Nette Framework 2.0.5 released!

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David Grudl
Nette Core | 7929

Nette Framework 2.0.5 has just been released and is now available for download. Feel free to update! It contains a lot of minor improvements and bug fixes contributed by 10 authors.

Fixes and improvements:

  • Database: really a lot of fixes and improvements
  • Presenters: dependencies can be passed via inject*() methods
  • Latte: fixed {define} and dynamic blocks
  • FileResponse: fixed range processing
  • Validators: improved URL and email validator (client side & server side)
  • Debugger: dumps additional info for resources
  • Sandbox contains Adminer 3.5.1 with Nette skin (looks like API doc)

For the details about the changes you can have a look at the Github diff.