Introducing Arachne – 17 awesome addons for Nette

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Arachne has been publicly available on github for a long time now but since I never propagated it most of you probably do not know about it. Time to change that!

The core packages provide some very useful tools to simplify your presenters, components and templates. The second half are integrations of some Symfony components (most importantly Symfony/Form) and other packages.

I recently published a series of articles on to help you understand how the core components work.

All of the packages are as small as possible and following all the best practices I know.

Core packages

Package Links Description
EntityLoader docs, article Enables object parameters in nette/application.
Security article 1, article 2 Authentication and authorization for Nette framework. Deals with cases that are difficult to implement with nette/security.
Verfier docs, article 1, article 2 Requirements verification for nette/application actions and components.
ParameterValidation   Parameter validation for Arachne/Verifier.
SecurityVerification   Integrates Arachne/Security into Arachne/Verifier.
ComponentsProtection docs Security for nette/application components.
ServiceCollections   Resolvers and iterators over services for nette/di. Used by arachne/forms and other libraries.

3rd party integrations

Package Links Description
Forms docs Integration of symfony/form to Nette framework.
PropertyAccess   Integration of symfony/property-access to nette/di.
ExpressionLanguage   Integration of symfony/expression-language to nette/di.
Csrf   Integration of symfony/security-csrf to nette/di.
Upload   Handling nette/http file uploads. Intended to be used with kdyby/validator and/or arachne/forms.
Doctrine docs Additional integrations of Doctrine to Kdyby and Arachne packages.
EventManager docs Simple integration of Doctrine EventManager to Nette framework.
ContainerAdapter   Wrapper for Nette DIC which implements ContainerInterface from PSR-11.
Twig   Basic integration of Twig to Nette Framework. Used by arachne/forms.
Codeception docs Integration of Nette framework to Codeception.

I'm also considering moving some or all Arachne packages to Contributte, but it depends on your feedback.

If you need help with Arachne I'm available on Pehapkari Slack.

Any feedback appriciated.


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