Laravel vs. Nette – What's the difference really ?

3 months ago

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Can someone explain to me the main differences between these 2 FW's ?

So far i came only to conclusion that formulating querry to google for is MUCH more easier done in english than in czech. Therefore if i want to learn something, I would go with Laravel or any other FW that's in EN language.

I'm no PHP guru so I'm asking you guys, to prove me wrong so i don't need to go for other framework…the jabber forum is not really so active as you present it to be, so i came to conclusion that “if you don't speak czech you're f****d”


One more question for you guys. Do you plan to make some video crash course for nette like the ones on Treehouse academy or Codeschool ? I think that's really a great way to push nette outside CZ.

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2 months ago

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The biggest difference is that Nette is missing the-person that pushes framework across the Czech borders. By my humble opinion Nette is at least one year ahead of Laravel, but english speaking outside the ČR community is pure zero.

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2 months ago

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no it's not. i know some armenians who code in nette :D

2 months ago

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Well, I use Nette for about 5 years. Recently, I looked into some examples with Laravel and the first thing that scared me off was that Laravel has absolutely no sign of dependency injection, which is by me one of the best practices in modern programming. Laravel uses static classes for almost everything, which may be suitable for beginners just confused by OOP, but barely interesting for professional programmers.

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