Pass PHP variable to MySQL trigger #nette

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I have trigger created in my database. I need to pass PHP variable to that trigger.

I tried executing something like this in PhpMyAdmin:

SET @myVariable = 123;
INSERT INTO table (foo) VALUES (bar);
Trigger successfully take @myVariable – So I tried it in Nette project, but I was not successfull.

First, Prepared Statement can execute only one command, so I am not able to call SET and INSERT together.

Then I found information that variable should be valid for whole connection, so I tried call:

$database->query(‘SET @myVariable = 123’);
After connecting to database. Then I tried INSERT. But again, I was not successfull.

Anybody have any idea how to pass PHP variable to trigger?

Kamil Valenta
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Query $database->query(‘SET @myVariable=123’); is OK.
I use this one, too.
Show me your trigger.
The variable is available throughout the connection.