Front-end developer, remote work for UK based company

28 days ago

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in Amati Limited we're looking for a Front-end developer for remote work. Since the Back-end is written in Nette it'll be handy if you know some of it (no need to be a Nette guru).

This will be a short therm aid (roughly 3 weeks), before the project gets finished. However if you want to stick around after that, there will be plenty of things to improve. For now we would want you to code few pages, forms and components. (the business logic of the forms is already implemented)

Tech we use:

  • Nette Framework – as mentioned above backend is written in Nette 2.4 (with Nextras ORM)
  • PUG (Jade) – templates are written in PUG (knowledge of Latte is also needed)
  • Webpack, gulp, npm – JS ES6, bundled in webpack, libraries/dependencies included via npm and all of it is built using gulp
  • SCSS – for styling
  • We use git and feature branches
  • Knowledge of JS and Webpack is the important bit.

Other skills needed?

  • Communicative knowledge of English.

Resources we have:

  • Complete layouts made in Photoshop and published in inVision
  • Nearly all of the business logic in place
  • Few pages and components already built

In return:

  • up to £25/hour

If you're interested we'd love to hear from you. Send an email to, CV and/or link to github profile will be appreciated :)