Where to put a Global form renderer?

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I know this must be a simple idiots question.

Where should I put some renderer code (and have it included) – so that it affects all rendered forms? overwriting the defaultform renderer.

The forms examples have everything in the one php file – which doesn't help me understand where in the MVP structure of Nette stuff like this should go in order to avoid duplication of code.

// setup form rendering
$renderer = $form->getRenderer();
$renderer->wrappers['controls']['container'] = NULL;
$renderer->wrappers['pair']['container'] = 'div class=form-group';
$renderer->wrappers['pair']['.error'] = 'has-error';
$renderer->wrappers['control']['container'] = 'div class=col-sm-9';
$renderer->wrappers['label']['container'] = 'div class="col-sm-3 control-label"';
$renderer->wrappers['control']['description'] = 'span class=help-block';
$renderer->wrappers['control']['errorcontainer'] = 'span class=help-block';
// make form and controls compatible with Twitter Bootstrap
foreach ($form->getControls() as $control) {
	$type = $control->getOption('type');
	if ($type === 'button') {
		$control->getControlPrototype()->addClass(empty($usedPrimary) ? 'btn btn-primary' : 'btn btn-default');
		$usedPrimary = TRUE;
	} elseif (in_array($type, ['text', 'textarea', 'select'], TRUE)) {
	} elseif (in_array($type, ['checkbox', 'radio'], TRUE)) {
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Make your own BaseForm which is set as you want.

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Or use existing renderer (as a package). E.g. https://github.com/…otstrap-form

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