How to output php code in template

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There's one trouble.
Users can download PHP-scripts from my service and put it on theirs sites.
There's need to set some values in this PHP-script before download, such as user's API-token.

Can you tell me, please, how to do template that output PHP-code instead of HMTL/JS-code?

I put PHP-code in .latte file. And I tried to use Latte with {syntax double} mode, but it still show parsing error.

Thank you!

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Show us your source of that .latte templates.

David Kregl
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Hi there!

It's not that hard how it might looks like.

{php //or you can replace "php" with "?"
$foo = "my text";
echo $foo;
  • If in JavaScript context:
<script type="text/javascript" n:syntax="double">
	alert({{$foo->message}}); //for double syntax

Let me know if it helped or not.

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