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Hi. I have a javascript with hide and show function for my menu. And I want to add translation for this script.

Is there any chance use latte macro {_ } in javascript files. I know that i can use it in script tags in html file. But I don't want to have a lot of lines in latte file.

Can anyone help me with that? Suggest a solutions.


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if you have macro for translate in javascript file (*.js) does not work.

The way is save message to data attribute in html and via javascript load it.

<a n:href="delete!" data-confirm-message="{_'Do you want realy to delete this file?'}">delete file</a>

Or if you need more texts. You can use json.

<script id="dictionary" type="text/json">
	"delete.message" = {_'Delete message'},
	"color" = {_'color'}

and load in javascript by

var c = document.getElementById('dictionary');
var dictionary = JSON.parse(c.textContent || c.innerHTML);

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