Split router lists into modules

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I’ve developed an application with Nette. And now I want to host at hostforlife.eu. I have this router list:

$router[] = $adminRouter = new RouteList('Admin');
$adminRouter[] = new Route('admin/<presenter>/<action>', 'Dashboard:default');

$router[] = $frontRouter = new RouteList('Front');
$frontRouter[] = new Route('<presenter>/<action>[/<id>]', 'Homepage:default');

But it would be better to separate those two router lists into module folders. In the future I will probably create more modules with different router lists. How can I separate it and after how can I register it?

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The simplest way (from my point of view) is:

class AdminRouter {
	public static function register(Router $router) {
		$list = new RouteList('Admin');
		$list[] = new Route(...);
		$router[] = $list;

// in RouteFactory

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