Is there any updated framework performance comparsion?

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2 days ago, somebody on r/PHP asked for “favorite framework”. Sadly, nobody mentioned Nette. So I tried to write english post (like now) and to show them how Nette is good.
Many of them were comparing performance of frameworks, so I had a look to Nette HP.

“According to an independent test Nette Framework is one of the fastest frameworks ever.”

Article is full of czech text, and other problem: “Jedná se o framework českého autora, který je stále ve fázi vývoje. Je dostupný na ve verzi 0.7 vydané 17. července 2008.”.

I'd love to make performance comparsion, but I have no experiences with running other frameworks.
I think it would be cool to have something like “Nette is fast. look.” comparsion of some top frameworks. And to update that “independent test” link on HP.

Jan Tvrdík
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If Nette community makes the test, it will not be an independent test =)