Can someone implement neon parser for pygments library? (github highlighting)

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I was wondering why github is not highlighting neon syntax. So I asked their support. Basically two things must happen.

  1. Could someone write neon parser for pygments library? It has support for YAML so extending it should not be that hard.
  2. When that is done writing pull for github/linguist should be fairly easy.
  3. Maybe write latte parser too. I know there is already highlighting but it uses smarty which is just poor neighbour of latte.

There are already plugins for Netbeans and PhpStorm so maybe their devs could help make neon look sexy on github.

If there will be highlighter for pygments it won't be just github who will support neon.

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IIRC they also require Ruby implementation for that language, at least they did when we requested Texy markup.…rkup/pull/34

Unfortunately, we cannot shell out to the PHP interpreter just to render Texy. If somebody writes a native Texy parser in Ruby, we can consider it.