method hinting for Nette\Forms\Form methods in Eclise

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Anyone here uses Eclipse?

Content assist and Open Declaration doesn't work for me in a couple of cases, Nette\Forms\Form methods being the most annoying ones.

$form = new \Nette\Application\UI\FormForm($parent, $name);

When I type $form->addTexCTRL+SPACE, I get an empty list.

If however, I edit Nette\Application\UI\Form.php and modify the name space path to its ancestor, hinting starts working.

// from this:
use Nette;
class Form extends Nette\Forms\Form implements ISignalReceiver

// to either of these:
class Form extends \Nette\Forms\Form implements ISignalReceiver

use Nette, Nette\Forms;
class Form extends Forms\Form implements ISignalReceiver

use Nette, Nette\Forms\Form;
class Form extends Form implements ISignalReceiver

Eclipse Java EE IDE for Web Developers. Version: Kepler Service Release 2

PHP Development Tools (PDT) SDK Feature

Nette Framework 2.1.2 (revision 8065ce5 released on 2014–03–17)

Anyone has an idea why? Or how to make hinting in this case work without modifying Nette source codes?

Please don't recommend switching over to NetObjects. Hinting works but, the IDE is just too slow.
I also tried Sublime Text but it has no real db support and Jump To Symbol Definition doesn't work for these (and other) methods as well.