What tools for project deployment do you use?

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I would like to know what tools you use for project deployment?
I deploy rather frequently and randomly to several projects and current state of my tools is not satisfying enough

I am not interested in copy-paste helpers like ftp deployment tool or just using git. Rather I would like to know how if you use CI or some lighter alternative to handle setup, database migration and other stuff that comes with it eg.: package management.

I do it like this:

Package Management

I use composer, pear or pecl (ordered by preference).

Database Migration

Usually manually with some complex scripts written and tested on side, or via adminers create+alter export option for simple cases from test database to public.
I was for some time considering using rake db:migrate tool from ruby but I have seen it on just one project and badly implemented (and config has to be duplicated for this tool and it is ruby).

(Automated) Testing

I don't do testing (but that will change in near future).
Do you even test projects after deploy?


For automated generation I use mine web-resource-management (as of yet it generates on request, pre-generation will be implemented rather soon).

I hope it is everything, if you find important part of project deployment I omitted please include it in your response.

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