Is Nette minified sending header?

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Tomas Jancik
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After some long time I used Nette minifed (2.0.3) and I got error ‘header already sent’

I include it after some HTML output is sent, so it's understandable the headers cannot be modified
My question is ‘Is this standarrd behavior? And is it correct that standalone version sends headers?’

I use minified verison on old project, which are not yet migrated to nette and load libraries ad-hoc so including it at the beginning would be hard…

I only use Nette/Form/Form and Nette/Mail/Mail in the script. The only solution I could find in the short time is to downgrade to nette minified 0.9.7.
Sine version 2 I always get the problem with headers

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Or maybe you should only pick up those two classes (and their dependecies) and use just those ones instead of whole framework (even though it's in a single file)…

David Grudl
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Yes, Nette sends two headers:

X-Powered-By: Nette Framework
Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8 // prevents UTF-7 XSS Vulnerabilities

Both headers are sent with shup-up operator (@header()), so it should emit no error.